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What is the ellovee pocket bralette?

The pocket bralette is your first choice when it comes to going out, because it’s a bralette with built-in pocket.With the ellovee pocket bralette your phone is always at your fingertips. Comfortable, safe, stylish.

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Who we are

We are Paula and Dilara and got to team up after we found out, that we had almost the same idea: a pocket for a bra.

Paula is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris and has lived abroad for along time. For example did she live in South Korea, where she discovered her love for startups and fashion. She got the idea for the Brakoo on a girls night out, when she put her phone in her bra just to turn around and see 5 other girls also do it.

Dilara already started working as a seller and consultant in e-commerce, while doing her studies in economics at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences. Dilara realised she needed pockets for her bra when she was travelling around and always had to look out for her purse in fear that it could get stolen. Dilara is our marketing expert and always loves new challenges.

How does it work ?

The pockets sit on your rib cage sides, where they don’t disturb you and are almost invisible. 

How we produce !

Sustainability is essential for us. That means we produce mostly with recycled materials! We want to make this the new standard in fashion – to dress sustainably and look totally cool.  Ellovee is 100% made in Europe.

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